Welcome to Skudenes Camping

We are seriously aware of the situation regarding COVID-19 and follow NHO Reiseliv advice. See informations on www.nhoreiselive.no.

Skudenes – a gem on the southern tip of Karmøy. ”Skute” is Norwegian for ship and the town got its name from a ship-shaped rock in the harbour.

Welcome to Skudenes Camping, a 4 star camping site open year round, offering 2, 4 and 5 star cabins on Karmøy.

Classification 4 stars Camping site:

  • The camping area should be clearly marked
  • The roads should be well maintained and there should not be hidden hazards
  • The entrance should be clearly marked with the name of the site and its star classification
  • First aid equipment should be available
  • The Information board should show rules of conduct and fire safety measures
  • The camping site should have daily maintenance
  • Mail service
  • All the installations should be clearly marked/signposted
  • Toilets, washrooms and showers should meet the capacity of the site
  • Waste water emptying facilities
  • Sufficient refuse/garbage cans, which must be emptied regularly
  • Entrance light at night
  • All buildings must be well maintained
  • Information board showing staff hours and emergency telephones
  • Lightning in and around service areas
  • Staffed: 10:30 – 20:00
  • Permanent reception/information desk
  • Road lightning
  • Plain refreshments max 10 km.
  • Playground
  • Washing machine

Classification Cabins untill 5 stars:

  • 2 stars: The cabin consists of one room and necessary furnishings. Electricity ( lightning, heating, refrigerator, hot plate, etc.) The cabin may have several rooms.
  • 4 stars: In addition to the above: Hot and cold water, WC/shower. Cutlery/utensils, etc. 1 living room, min. 1 bedroom.
  • 5 stars: In addition to the above: Hotel standard with self catering facilities.

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