Welcome to Skudenes Camping


All våre hytter og leiligheter er åpne for bookinger ( hytte 7 og 8 er stengt til våren ).

All our cabins and apartments are open for booking. ( cottage 7 and 8 are closed up to April ).

Our camp site is open for tents, caravanns and motor homes. we have complated new installation of new eletric hook up stations, price for eletric used now will be charged according to counter

for kw/hrs used. You are all welcome to our camping site.


Skudenes – a gem on the southern tip of Karmøy. ”Skute” is Norwegian for ship and the town got its name from a ship-shaped rock in the harbour.

Welcome to Skudenes Camping, a 4 star camping site open year round, offering 2, 4 and 5 star cabins on Karmøy.

Classification 4 stars Camping site:

  • The camping area should be clearly marked
  • The roads should be well maintained and there should not be hidden hazards
  • The entrance should be clearly marked with the name of the site and its star classification
  • First aid equipment should be available
  • The Information board should show rules of conduct and fire safety measures
  • The camping site should have daily maintenance
  • Mail service
  • All the installations should be clearly marked/signposted
  • Toilets, washrooms and showers should meet the capacity of the site
  • Waste water emptying facilities
  • Sufficient refuse/garbage cans, which must be emptied regularly
  • Entrance light at night
  • All buildings must be well maintained
  • Information board showing staff hours and emergency telephones
  • Lightning in and around service areas
  • Staffed: 10:30 – 20:00
  • Permanent reception/information desk
  • Road lightning
  • Plain refreshments max 10 km.
  • Playground
  • Washing machine

Classification Cabins untill 5 stars:

  • 2 stars: The cabin consists of one room and necessary furnishings. Electricity ( lightning, heating, refrigerator, hot plate, etc.) The cabin may have several rooms.
  • 4 stars: In addition to the above: Hot and cold water, WC/shower. Cutlery/utensils, etc. 1 living room, min. 1 bedroom.
  • 5 stars: In addition to the above: Hotel standard with self catering facilities.

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