Site regulations

On a camping site a lot of people are crowded together in a limited area. They all have their different ways and this is an important part of the fascination and excitement of camping. But this means there have to be rules to stop campers disturbing each other. For those with a seasonal pitch, more comprehensive rules apply in addition to those given below.


1.01. Inform the warden/information desk/reception of your arrival. Give your name and home address and produce some form of identification if required.

1.02. Groups should be checked in by the guide/group leader.

1.03. lf special conditions apply to your unit, mention this on arrival.


2.01 Payment according to current rates. See camp notice.


3.01  You undertake to study the rules concerning fire protection, gas, electric hook-up and other safety regulations. Please therefore obey notices and staff instructions.

3.02. Only camping equipment of normal type and size is permitted. Your own equipment such as fences, platforms, etc. must not be installed without staff permission. Digging is not permitted.

3.03. Keep the noise down during the day and observe silence between 23.00 and 07.00.

3.04. The use of weapons and fireworks is prohibited.

3.05. Some types of games between tents, caravans and campervans can be a nuisance or dangerous.  Most camp sites have special areas for playing and ball games.

3.06. Driving should be kept to a minimum and only at walking pace.

3.07. Cars should only be washed at the designated place.

3.08. Refuse should be deposited in the designated place, as should flammable material.

3.09. Barbecues must be safe and secure, and a good distance from flammable materials. Barbecues must not be left unattended whilst hot.  Ash must be cold before being emptied in a designated and fire-proof location.

3.10. Cnsideration should be shown to other guests if pets are brought in. Dogs should be kept on a short lead and taken to the dog run or outside the camping area to perform their functions. Poo bags must be used.

3.11. The sale of goods and services is not permitted without the permission of the warden.

3.12. Campers behaving badly or disturbing the peace may be ordered off the site, if necessary  with police assistance.


4.01. Unless agreed otherwise, the pitch should be vacated and left clean and tidy by 12 noon.


5.01. The camp site cannot be held responsible for campers’ possessions.

5.02. Damage caused to the camp or other campers must be compensated in accordance with regulations in force.

Most sites are in areas of natural beauty. Please help to defend nature and the environment!
Both need your protection!